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African Black Soap Cold Process Soap

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African black soap cold process soap is loaded with the essential nutrients all combined together that are created to further enhance your amazing skin's all-natural complexion and help you radiate and glow from the inside out. To maximize with optimum results, try working your way up to using the African black soap cold process soap in the morning and at night followed with a skin moisturizer such as any of our moisturizing lotions.

True, traditional African black soap cold process soap is handmade. As soon as the ingredients are put together and mixed thoroughly, the soap is heated up then left to cool and cure for several weeks before it can be used.

For those of you who begin experiencing any unusual rashes or irritations, you should discontinue the use of the soap until you can see your family doctor or dermatologist. They can help you determine what's causing your symptoms and whether you should permanently stop using African black soap.

The best way to prevent skin damage is to smooth out the bar of soap and combine it with water, or use it with a washcloth. I tell you this because natural African black soap happens to have a rough textured surface, therefore it can irritate or even damage your skin if you are not mindful and careful of how to use it. Stinging and burning are possible. If you're using a smooth, wet bar of soap, use gentle, circular motions as you glide it along your skin or use it with a washcloth.

This amazing African black soap is among the highest quality cold process soap on the market.

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